AAC Preschool Pilot Program

Do you work with preschool-aged children or know someone who does? Are you passionate about getting young children access to robust communication tools at an earlier age? 

Enter the AAC Preschool Pilot Program!

The Preschool Pilot Program is a coaching and implementation program for increasing communication opportunities for a preschool classroom or entire preschool teams at a school site within a school district or county program. This program is provided and implemented by a team of AAC coaches; an adult who uses AAC and two licensed and certified speech-language pathologists. Includes a series of virtual, hands-on implementation trainings on a recurring schedule, PicSeePals for each of your students and staff participating in the program, collaboration meetings with your staff, and support with brainstorming classroom-based  instructional activities. In-person classroom support and coaching may be available depending on location. Contact us for more info!

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